Internet time wasters: bullshit generators

I am quite aware I haven’t posted in a while. This past year has been taken up with — er well work, and outside of work has been a lot of tangible creative stuff (e.g. sewing) rather than digital. Which is an explanation but not an excuse…

That aside, here is an offering: a list of the best bullshit generators I’ve found on the web. (Sometimes it comes in handy to have a page that lists them, rather than linking direct!) Feel free to contact me with suggestions if I’ve left any new/important ones off the list.

Non tech-industry bullshit generators

  • New age by Seb Pearce
  • Business buzzword generator (2014) for meaningless phrases using overused business buzzwords, as submitted by WSJ readers
  • Business. This site also includes a handy bingo game to play at work (many of the others do too)
  • Job titles that are frighteningly realistic
  • Education jargon from
  • Corpspeak by Lurkertech, which allows in page editing of the bullshit source

Tech speak generators


These sites provide a valuable source of gifs etc and inspiration for their application in common scenarios, to help build team cohesion.

Please note that this list is provided purely for amusement purposes. Material found on any of the sites linked is in no way representative of the views of this post’s author. This post is comic relief intended merely to reflect the humour of the times (‘internet culture’, you know ;)